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Pokemon Flora Sky Walkthrough

Gym 1=>Mystic Town=>Small Town=>Platepics City=>Platepics Research Center=>Beat Team Magma=>Exchange the B-Ticket for mach bike=>Find the gym leader near route F=>Route H=>Route I=>Teases City=>Rival Battle=>Route J=>Turzoro City=>Battle With Team Aqua (2Times) and Wally=>Gym 3=>Obtain the Pokeblock in a house=>Safari Zone (get HM4 in a house there)=>Route P=>Habutest Town=>Talk to Mr.April=>Searound City=>Beat Aqua Admin + Get 4th Badge=>Searound Underground=>Charpos City=>Charpos Habor=>Magma Building=>Platepics Research Center (top)=>Forest Entrance=>Polar Forest=>ODeep Forest=>Torn World=>Capture Shaymin=>Malias City=>Gym 5=>Route R=>Route S=>Charpos Island=>Festa Zone (if you wanna visit)=>Route AB=>Rival Battle=>Charpos Island=>Golden City=>Honey Village=>Obtain Secret Potion=>Route AB=>Pulhia City=>Hotasita City=>Gym 6=>Pokemon Contest=>Get the 6th Badge=>Obtain TEA and HM2 in a house in Pulhia=>Ocepac Town=>Exchange for the scope=>Teases City=>Gym 7=>Dark Cave (Find HM)=>Route F=>Meteor Falls=>Aragi’s Lab=>Puel City Museum=>Aqua Hideout=>Route U=>Under Water=>Seafloor Cavern=>Route G=> Surence Town=>Gym 8=>Find HM7 in water cave(route E)=>Route L=>Victory Road=>Pokemon League=>Challenge Island=>Gloomist Forest=>Find Red Shard (Hippowdon Temple), Blue Shard (Malias Library), Yellow Shard (The House In Platepics City)=>Mt.Fullmoon=>Peak=>Latias/Latios=>Gloomist Forest=>Gima’s Rest House=>Q Area=>Mission 1=>Honey Village (Obtain the App in Warehouse)=>use it in the Gloomist Forest=>Find the Girls=>Return Challenge Factory=>Mission 2=>Steven: Cave in Route J=>Golden City=> vs Sky (Obtain the App)=>Awake Snorlax=>Hole Woods=>Unlock the Hidden House (there are 4 green stone: Bottom Right, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left)=>Malias Library=>Read the Midle Book=>Mt.Fiery=>Magma Hideout=>Festa Zone=>Talk to the  guardman=>Silver Town=>Aqua Town=>Underwater=> vs Archie=>Sky Pillar (Route AG)=>Awake Rayquaza=>Aqua Town (Obtain HM5)=>Rebattle Elite 4=>Golden City=>Prepare:Pokemon know Flash, Rocksmash, Dig, Wailord, Relicanth=>Hole Woods=>Route AE=>Froster Town=>Mt.Blizzard=>Route AF=>Ancient Ruins=>Unlock 3 Cave in the Ancient Ruins(use Flash middle,run around clockwise,Right Down use Rocksmash)=>Find trio Beast:Entei (Route K),Suicune (Route U),Raikou  Altering Cave(Route AB)=>Return the Ruins=>The top middle Cave=>use Dig (Relicanth as lead, Wailord as rear)=>Obtaun unoen note on the wall=>exit=>Catch Ho-oh(in the secret cave at the top left=>Route Y=>Artisan Hill=>Catch Mew=>Catch Groudon (A path),Kyogre(Route R)(You can catch it after the war between them in aqua Town)=>Catch Giratina (Torn World)=>Catch Dialga (Mt.Fullmoon)=>R area=> L area=>Cave of origin=>Unlock the Quiz=>Catch Arceus.
Finish 8 Quest:
>Ocepac town
>Honey Village
>A House In Malias
>Route Z (find the coral in underwater Route AC)
>A House In L Area
>Cave In Route D
>Desert Underpass In Route K
>Route B (Ninja trio cave in route B, Cave in teases city, Cave in route Q)
Exchange the point for 4 tickets.

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